About Us

Our competitive advantage:

We’re a small team of clean energy advocates and online entrepreneurs. We believe that we can combine our passions and skills to really help make a difference in the world.

When you go online looking for a solar panel installer, or the latest in clean technology, the internet searches can be misleading, and often bear no relation to the end product.

For example, how can you tell the difference between a:

a) Company that has invested in a flashy website, paid for social media following and fake reviews…

Or a…

b) Company that doesn’t have the best web presence in the world, but has hundreds of satisfied customers. With staff who pride themselves on offering a mixture of old fashioned craftsmanship, and cutting edge tech.

It’s difficult for you to distinguish, especially if you’re making a one-off purchase.

We’re building authentic relationships with the best solar companies in the South East of England. Along the way we hear the horror stories and know who to avoid. We can analise a website and web presence for real quality and authority signals in a way that the average consumer couldn’t.

What we’re doing with it:

We’re building up a database of go-to solar companies in the Greater London region and nearby counties.

  • This means that we can point you in the right direction so that you get the best solar solution, at a reasonable price, installed professionally.

We research the latest in solar trends around the world, and keep up to date on the latest in efficiency and cost reductions.

  • This means that we can help you avoid countless hours in research. We might even save you the pain a wrong purchase of some old technology that was installed to clear stock.

We blog and promote the concept of a higher level of solar energy adoption.

  • Until proven otherwise, we believe that solar power is the future of energy. Whilst we don’t believe in prematurely abolishing any traditional alternative, we think that solar power will become the clear winner in the next decade.