Clean energy is not just about the economics…

Do you care about the future?

We believe that there’s an ever growing number of people who care about the future, and are happy to start investing in it now. There are debates about the financial aspects of solar power, and alternative energy in general, can it compete? Is it catching up.

Subsidies and technological advancements aside, the more discerning among us have never purchased anything based on price. Do you buy the cheapest food or clothing? Would you compromise in regards to healthcare for your family?

It’s the same thing…

Investing in clean energy is exactly the same thing as investing in healthcare for your family…

Do you live in an area affected by smog or other types of pollution? The global warming/climate change debate seems to be a political one, with convincing arguments on both sides. It can seem like the debate and the argument is more important than the core values behind it.

How about pollution? The air that our children and grandchildren breathe? With asthma and other pulmonary diseases on a never ending increase, who wants to argue that one? Who wants to bring back coal burning power plants? With the exception of a prominent world leader, most of us would prefer that we all breathe clean air.

Right now, solar energy is one of the best, if not the best solution to pollution. Simple.

Governments around the world have invested in and subsidised the advances in solar power. It’s obvious why. Panel prices continue to fall, government incentives to private home owners and businesses are created then expire. Some people are seeing the savings that the solar panel salesmen promised, many are not.

Government spokespeople, and sales representatives aside, do you want to support an industry of the future?

Do you want to join a good fight and be on the right side of history?

Can you imagine your great-great grandchild who hasn’t been born yet breathing clean air?

Can you imagine them sick with bronchitis or pneumonia?

We do, and we can… This is why London Regional Electrics is being developed. We say this in the current tense, because right now it’s literally true as I write this. We hope that in 20 years time, it will still be true. thanks for your support.

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